New address, new identity

On October 22, 2013 by Simon Fleming

Hey all,

Just a quick post to let you know I have made a few changes to my photographic identity recently.

For a long time now I have faced an identity crisis with my photography – I have always loved shooting landscapes, and in recent years through a lot of pushing have begun to promote and sell my work. This is where “Tall Grass Photography” came about. I have also shot ‘people’ photography for a long time, beginning with weddings about 20 years ago back in the days of film. I continued to shoot a lot of portrait based work but never promoted it heavily due to my commitments with working in a lab, and then co-owning the Hub Photo Shop over the last 8 years. The assumption is often made that I only shoot landscapes or that I only photograph portraits, depending on what you may have seen or heard more of, and I can fully understand why. Hence my decision to separate the two properly.

This year I have finally reached a point where I am able to throw myself back into my ‘people’ photography properly, and so a fresh new look is the way to go…


For a few months everything that was located at will be redirecting to my new ‘non-landscape’ identity of I have been working on a completely new website with Photoshelter for a while now and am really happy with the look, performance and options that come with it – I would really appreciate any feedback.


I have no intention of dropping my landscape side though. I am currently working on a revised site which will contain more of a catalogue of my images rather than just a small showcasing of them. Tall Grass Photography will then officially be the landscape side of Simon Fleming… but for now all roads will lead to Rome (Simon Fleming Photography) so to speak. Hopefully, all things going well, Tall Grass Photography will be back after Christmas which will give me time to finish things off properly and also allow anyone following old links to find Simon Fleming Photography.


I will still be contributing to my blog on a regular basis but it can now be found using the link here or by going to


2 Responses to “New address, new identity”

  • Just thought of you, Simon, & wondered how you are going along. We were customers of yours at the Hub. We are well & hope you are also & successful with your photos. Your website looks good!
    Kind Regards,

    Malcolm Uren

    • Hi Malcolm, we are going well thanks.
      It has been nice to get back to photography full time, and thankfully the business is doing well too.
      It’s good to hear from you, and thanks for the kind words.

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