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On May 25, 2013 by Simon Fleming

I have been wanting to shoot some nice portraits of my mum and dad for a while now (as opposed to just family snap shots) but it has been the usual story – not enough time, “we’re not dressed nicely”, maybe next month…   and before I know it another year has passed and I still haven’t done it.

Well on a recent outing we took my mum and dad on I grabbed the opportunity to shoot some more carefully thought out portraits. They weren’t aware of my plan, in fact neither was I until about two minutes before it was executed. I saw an opportunity, mum & dad were dressed up nicely, so why not. These were shot at one tree literally ten metres from where we were parked in Adelaide’s Botanic Park –  available light with a Fujifilm X100S. Ironically, there was a photographer on the other side of this tree trying to make the best of shooting a large family with kids running everywhere – they looked like they would have happily swapped with me…

Mum&Dad-1 Mum&Dad-2 Mum&Dad-3

My mum has all but lost her eyesight, and my father is in the earlier stages of Alzheimers but you wouldn’t know it. Yes there are good & bad days but they are an example of what happens when you spend more time enjoying life and less time bitching and moaning. I love them both very much.

I can’t not take pictures, it is in my blood, and when I am with them I try to capture as many photographic memories as I can – especially now I have a 7 month old daughter. I want her to be able to look back on the photographs I take now, as I do on my early years. My father was a keen amateur photographer who took many beautiful & memorable shots as I grew up – in fact I have his Pentax Spotmatic and a bunch of lenses in my collection of gear.

Here are a few other candid grabs from that day out – I was in a B&W mood…

Mum&Dad-7 Mum&Dad-5 Mum&Dad-8 Mum&Dad-9

My dad likes to ‘wander off’ so I was letting him do his own thing to a degree but keeping an eye on him at the same time. I liked this shot of his fleeting reflection in a window.


And I couldn’t resist a couple more back at ‘the tree’ at the end of the day. He actually lived not far from here for a while as a young boy, and the trees really seemed to stir up some long lost memories of when he used to play here.

Mum&Dad-10 Mum&Dad-11

The day wouldn’t have been complete without a picture of myself, mum and dad. That’s the thing being a photographer, you rarely end up in the photographs yourself, and your own personal history can appear a bit sparse – gotta remember to get in front of the lens when you can.

Take as many pictures as you can – pixels are free, and the memories you capture are priceless.



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