Beaches, Babies & Strobes

On March 13, 2013 by Simon Fleming



I love these two shots above . Just some candid grabs when we first arrived at the beach. This is Brooklyn’s second time down the beach but this time she seemed much more switched on, and was completely mesmerised with the sounds, smells and sights – oh to be that young and innocent again.

It was literally a very last minute idea of mine to throw in some extra lighting gear with the intention of shooting some nice (and way overdue) pictures of my very recently arrived daughter Brooklyn & wife Emma together. I have been planning to do something along these lines for over a month now but something always comes up. You know what they say about plumbers & their own houses leaking – well it can be often the same for photographers & taking care of their own personal stuff too. Another bit of motivation for me was to hopefully get some nice shots I could turn into an unexpected present for my wife’s birthday the following day…

We headed down to the beach to cool down at the end of another very hot day in Adelaide. By the time we arrived, drove along the beach to find a spot with some space, and then got stuck into some hot chips & a cold drink, the sun was about to set. Without trying to show my urgency to get some photos shot too much, and possibly give away my ulterior motives behind the shoot which at this point I was just selling as ‘Simon messing about with his camera gear’, I quickly setup a small light stand with a 24 inch soft box (thankfully there was no wind). Light was provided by a single SB-900 gelled with a full cut of CTO to blend with the fading golden light. I set up right next to the car, and then beckoned my subjects over. I think Emma guessed that something was up before we left because she had stuck in a dress for Brooklyn to wear in place of her ‘beach duds’ when the shooting began.

These are some of my favourites, all shot within about a 3 minute window of opportunity…

110313_Brooklyn_0421 110313_Brooklyn_0437 110313_Brooklyn_0439

I’m lying in the sand to get the right angle for these, all shot with an 85mm lens.


Once the sun had disappeared below the horizon there was still some more shooting opportunities to be had with that beautiful deep blue light you get. I opted to shoot some silhouettes this time.

110313_Brooklyn_0456 110313_Brooklyn_0452

The next day I put together a collage of some of the sequences along with my favourite main portrait and produced a framed print which came home with me that evening as an additional surprise birthday present.

collage print


It was a great way to end a 38˚C degree day, and I’m wrapped I managed to squeeze out some memorable pictures which I’m sure will be treasured for many years (and hopefully generations) to come – that is why we take pictures isn’t it?

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