And I thought photo gear was complicated…

On October 17, 2012 by Simon Fleming

The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur for me… as my wife and I have just had our first baby. A little girl – Brooklyn. Man what an amazing time, and I’m only a couple of weeks into it. Above is Emma with her 20 week scans – I was using this setup as a bit of a test of some ideas I had for other work coming up but I’m glad I got these shots as an early record of things.

I changed my mind a dozen times over what camera gear to take in with me during our time in hospital but ended up going with what I know best, my D800 and a couple of lenses. This is my wife Emma & Brooklyn two hours after delivery – some natural light from a window plus a little CTO gelled fill coming from a speedlight on camera, bouncing off white(ish) wall to camera right.

Man what a learning curve… and yes I know, I’m not even on the curve yet.

I am by no means a baby photographer – never have been and don’t think I ever will be – but hey, it’s not like I am going to miss out on recording my daughter’s progression through life. And besides, learning some new skills in photography is always fun, and a good thing.

Had a dabble the other day at some more ‘traditional’ baby photos.. I need to experiment a lot more me thinks. Maya, our 11 month old German Shepherd is fast becoming the classic protective big sister – she kept checking on Brooklyn throughout my lame shooting efforts – I’m sure she was was comforting her and letting her know that daddy would be over and done with the crazy photographer antics pretty soon (having been subjected to many a session herself already).

What I have also begun to notice (other than how it is possible to function on two hours sleep) is that baby related equipment & gadgets are more complicated, have more hidden levers, buttons and innovative technology than a lot of my photographic gear…  not to mention the dollars being in a similar league.


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