Josh & Isabellas’ wedding

On May 20, 2013 by Simon Fleming

I recently had the pleasure of shooting a wedding for Josh & Isabella Elies. Josh had originally contacted me after being badly let down by a previously booked photographer, so my involvement was fairly last minute.

Boy I’m glad I did get asked because they were a pleasure to work with, a really fun couple, and some of the images I came away with for them are now amongst my own personal favourites. So I thought I would share some of them with you…

These were shot in and around the Edinburgh Hotel where their reception was being held.




A first for me at this wedding was shooting with two completely different camera systems simultaneously. I recently purchased a Fujifilm X100S  – which I hadn’t necessarily acquired with professional work in mind – and I’ve been so impressed with it I decided to bring it along to use as a ‘quick and easy’ candid shooter. I had it permanently strapped on me with my Black Rapid strap, and lugged around my Nikon as per usual. This camera is by no means a replacement for my Nikon system but I was really impressed with the images I was able to make with it – to the point where the final selection of images from the wedding contained nearly 25% of those shot with the little Fuji. I have to say I really love this little camera, and it will definitely be added to my kit for future wedding and portrait shoots.

I shot a lot of B&W images with it, and had the camera set to B&W as I shot – loved using it like this…


These portraits of Isabella were taken near their home at Aldinga Beach.


These last three were literally shot in the car park at Pt Willunga as we were out of time at that point but I really wanted to get something for Isabella at this location. All were shot in about 5 minutes using a large 60″ shoot-through umbrella and a couple of Nikon speedlights.




…And yes, of course I arranged for that sailing boat to cruise past for the few minutes we had to shoot here – just another length some photographers will go to.

Simon make joke.


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