The Australian Paralympic Committee

On September 19, 2012 by Simon Fleming

Earlier this year I was contacted by Katrina Webb, an ambassador for the Australian Paralympic Committee, to shoot a corporate event that the Australian Paralympic Committee was holding to raise funds and awareness for the 2012 Paralympics in London. As well as being a highly respected and successful motivational speaker and business woman, Katrina has also represented Australia at three Paralympics herself winning a number of gold, silver and bronze medals in track and field events. This year she was one of three international ambassadors at the London Paralympic games.

The event was held at ANZ stadium in Adelaide and consisted of a number of high profile organisations represented by a team of their employees who gained an insight into what the Australian Paralympic Committee is all about through a number of presentations by Katrina as well as some current Australian Paralympic athletes. It also gave each and every participant a first hand experience at what it is like to play/compete in a number of sports with a disability. The teams competed against each other throughout the afternoon in sports such as wheel chair basketball, blind soccer, sitting volleyball as well as a number of other official Paralympic sports.


It was a great event to cover and to be involved with, and Katrina did a fantastic job putting it all together, as well as other similar events in other states. I do not have a disability myself but my mother is blind, and I found when shooting those particular events that I gained an even greater appreciation for my mother and what she does on a daily basis – as well as those without sight doing absolutely amazing things – things the rest of us take for granted. Being a photographer too, it really makes you stop and think what your life would be like without the gift of sight… value what you have.

It was an absolute pleasure covering the day, both photographically speaking as well as on a personal level. Having just watched the Olympic and then Paralympic coverage I have an even greater respect now for those competing.

On a technical note, all the action shots were made using a Nikon D800, ISO 2000. Additional lighting and control was via 2 SB900’s mounted on a paint pole held by my assistant Ros. She would monitor me and follow whatever I was shooting, sometimes on opposite sides of the stadium – PocketWizards were used as the triggers. The groups were shot using a single Ranger unit firing into a 60 inch umbrella about 20 metres away.

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