One light (plus two others)

On July 15, 2012 by Simon Fleming

Thalassa Park, a local reserve close to home with some nice views and plenty of shooting opportunities is fast becoming a favourite spot of mine for location shoots as well as testing out new ideas. This is just a quick overview of some images I shot there recently using an Elinchrom Ranger Quadra with a 24 inch Lasolite Ezybox. Ros, who is often my assistant on shoots stepped up to model for me – this wasn’t the plan at the start of the shoot but that’s a whole other story. Thank you Ros for being a good sport and letting me get the shooting out of my system.

I had some ideas for B&W which I decided to set up first, whilst the sun was getting lower but before it would be producing it’s best light for my colour shots later.

Used an SB-900 on the ground behind the wall to add a bit of rim/back light for separation – this was set in SU-4 mode (optical slave) triggered by the main.


With the sun turning the sky into an absolutely magic backdrop it was time to incorporate that into the images, along with colour. I continued using the Quadra & the 24 inch soft box as the main but to reveal some of the detail being lost in the lower part of the frame (legs and wall) I Justin Clamped the SB-900 onto the light stand that held the main light, and had it firing on a really low power setting. Both lights were gelled with a half cut of CTO. The sun completed things making for an awesome back/rim light. I could have used a reflector instead of the SB-900 but as my assistant was the model, the easier option in regards to control was with another light – plus I like to mix up my lighting systems whenever possible to get used to the differences in the systems, and also to ‘encourage’ issues and limitations – better to experiment and discover potential hiccups now rather than find them out on a paying shoot (where possible… photography will always requires you to have a plan B, C & D)

And while I was messing around moving the light stand & playing with settings Ros got into her own photo taking mode…



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