A Renewed Passion

On October 27, 2010 by Simon Fleming

A couple of weeks ago I photographed a wedding. “So what” I’m sure some will say, but this wedding was very important to not only the bride & groom but also to me as a turning point in my photography.

I’m no stranger to wedding photography. In years gone by I have photographed well over a hundred of them – all on film. Mainly due to the limited free time I have had over the last five years after becoming an owner of a retail business, the Hub Photo Shop, my professional photography has taken a bit of a back seat. In that time, other than being a guest at a few, the last wedding I photographed was for some friends of mine a couple of years ago, and my first on digital – and I loved it. I was pretty happy with the results, as where they, and that little feeling, that little itch, started to come back – the one where you just want to keep on making pictures; officially you’re doing a job but underneath that official veneer you are just loving making great images & having fun.

Well, that feeling was back again with a vengeance two weeks ago, and I am so glad I said yes to shooting this wedding. I have turned down many over the last five years – initially due to just not having the time, but then through lack of confidence & not wanting to do a bad job – having been out of the game for a while and all. I know Rhonda through the Hub Vet Clinic where I took both my Shepherds when I had them – she had asked me a couple of times throughout the year if I would photograph her wedding, and I had declined her on each occasion, but she wouldn’t give up & something told me that I should say yes to her. Thank you Rhonda, and Torey, for letting me share your special day, and for reigniting my photographic passion in regards to weddings.

They couldn’t have asked for a better day, especially considering the crazy weather we have been having recently. Everything was outdoors, within the grounds of Old Government House in the Belair National Park – a beautiful place surrounded by natural bushland and an almost endless supply of photographic opportunities. I had an awesome day, as did the happy couple, and I am really pleased with the images – winners all round.

Over the last five years, despite my lack of actual professional work, I think I have done the most reading, watching, researching & learning I have done ever – I think the inability to go out and shoot for real was replaced to a degree with an almost unsatisfiable thirst for new knowledge. So in a way this wedding was also a means for me to put a lot of that newly acquired ‘text book knowledge’ to practice in the real world. The contrast between the last ‘payed’ wedding I shot years ago and this one was huge in regards to the techniques & equipment I used – nothing amazingly startling, and common practice for many – but highly enjoyable and satisfying for me.

Thank you again Rhonda & Torey.

Some of my favourites from the day…

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  • some amazing shots of a gorgeous couple. thanks for sharing!
    i think it is really awesome that you listened to that "itch" and said yes to photographing this wedding – sometime we have to just take that leap!

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