A good couple of days

On April 27, 2010 by Simon Fleming

Just finishing up a great few days off – lately getting a couple of days off in a row is like finding gold.

I spent last night catching up with some close mates over a quiet beer or two, and today finished things up with a short 250km drive through the country side and down to Lake Alexandrina. I wasn’t out to get any specific shots – just thought I’d try some experimenting with a few techniques I’ve been reading about lately if the chance presented itself.

On the way to a spot along Lake Alendrina we came across the entrance to a property that was a little different – these are a few 5 shot HDR images – shot RAW, combined using Photomatix Pro, and then finished off in Aperture 3. The B&W version was made using NIK Silver Efex Pro.

We went for a great walk along the shore of the lake – which is beginning to refill since the governments plans to replenish the lower lakes have been put into place. I took a few shot of Emm & Indi handholding my SB900 off to one side and triggering it wirelessly. The shot of Emm only has a tungsten white balance set, and the flash is gelled CTO (orange essentially) – this gives the sky an extra eerily blue look but keeps Emm’s skin tones from going too cool. Not easy hanging on to a D3 one handed in windy conditions while hanging the other arm out with the flash – I can see why the big shots have assistants.

On the way home the weather started to get more interesting – I can never resist stopping for a shot on a dirt road somewhere for these sorts of images…   another 5 shot HDR.

As a complete contrast, tomorrow after I finish up in the shop I’ll be off for ’round 2′ of photography at our local football club – 6 teams this time, as well as all the players photographed individually (approx 120) – all within about an hour. Hope I sucked up enough fresh country air today to last…

On a closing note, I would like to pass on my appreciation and utmost respect to our Diggers who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we could enjoy the freedom and the lives we live today. These last few days I have enjoyed off have been due to the ANZACs – thank you.

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