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Dad's Portrait_web

Goodbye Dad.

Two weeks ago my father was hit by a car whilst on his mobility scooter. After a two day battle in hospital he passed away. Despite his age, this was certainly not how I nor any of my family expected him to leave us. Because his death was attributed to a vehicular accident, and Easter […]


GPP2014 – Strobing with Joe

During my stay in Dubai at GPP2014 I attended a number of different workshops with some really big names in the photographic industry. Their expertise and experience, and most importantly their willingness and desire to share these things was what really makes the difference. These people could quite happily earn a good living doing what they […]


GPP2014 – Part 1

A few weeks ago I returned from one of the greatest experiences I have been fortunate enough to have had in my life time. I attended an event known as Gulf Photo Plus 2014 – or more commonly referred to as GPP2014. This event is put together by the organisation Gulf Photo Plus, based in […]


Warm weather = beach shoots

Now that summer is upon us I find myself heading to the coast for a lot of my location portrait shoots. I have always loved shooting landscapes as well so it seems only natural to combine the two disciplines whenever possible. I have covered some of the technicals of my shooting style in previous blog […]


New address, new identity

Hey all, Just a quick post to let you know I have made a few changes to my photographic identity recently. For a long time now I have faced an identity crisis with my photography – I have always loved shooting landscapes, and in recent years through a lot of pushing have begun to promote […]


Don’t lose sight of the important stuff

About a month ago I embarked on a 2 week trip with a bunch of mates across the Simpson Desert, stretching across parts of the far north of South Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland. The 3500km round trip from Adelaide to Adelaide is a familiar one that I have done three times previously over the […]

group 2

Vets, Pets & Portraits

Over the last couple of months a have been shooting a series of portraits for my local veterinary clinic Aberfoyle Hub Veterinary Clinic. The idea behind this was to produce a series of portraits composed of each staff member with their pets to show that they are just like their clients – they have a […]


Personal work

I have been wanting to shoot some nice portraits of my mum and dad for a while now (as opposed to just family snap shots) but it has been the usual story – not enough time, “we’re not dressed nicely”, maybe next month…   and before I know it another year has passed and I […]


Josh & Isabellas’ wedding

I recently had the pleasure of shooting a wedding for Josh & Isabella Elies. Josh had originally contacted me after being badly let down by a previously booked photographer, so my involvement was fairly last minute. Boy I’m glad I did get asked because they were a pleasure to work with, a really fun couple, […]


Shooting a book cover

Last year I was hired to shoot some portraits for Alison Hepple to be used on the cover of her book Silent Tears, a collection of very personal poetry she had written. The shoot was both simple & complex at the same time in that we only needed one portrait of Alison to use on the […]